Eligible candidates are given 5 attempts to clear the exam over 3 years. The application fees are valid until 3 years. The application process is not complete until the JAIIB application fee is paid. Candidates must pay the JAIIB application fee by the deadline set by the IIBF. You will be charged an extra fee if you pay the fee after the deadline.  

DescriptionApplication Fee
Normal Application FeeRs. 2700
Application Fee after first Due DateRs. 2700 + Rs.100
Application Fee after second Due DateRs. 2700 + Rs.200

Note: Plus GST as applicable

The registration for the exam varies with the number of attempts. The fees are as follows:

Number of AttemptsRegistration Fees
1st AttemptRs. 2,700
2nd AttemptRs. 1,300
3rd AttemptRs. 1,300
4th AttemptRs. 1,300

Note: Plus GST as applicable

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