Reverse Mortgage Loan


  • Finance to Senior Citizen on regular basis for the purpose of,Upgradation, renovation and extension of residential property.
  • For uses associated with home improvement, maintenance/ insurance of residential property, 
  • Medical, family emergency expenditure, for supplementing pension/other income, meeting any other genuine need other than for speculative, trading and business purposes.

Silence Future

  • A senior citizen above 60 years is eligible for RML.
  • Married couples will be eligible joint borrower, one of them is above 60 year and the other not below 55 year
  • The residual life of the property should be at least 20 years
  • The property should have clear title
  • RML not available against the commercial property
  • Loan amount will be range from 60% to 90% of the value of property
  • The loan installments could be paid through Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual Disbursement or a lump-sum
  • The maximum monthly payment is pegged at Rs.50,000/-, Maximum lump-sum payment being restricted to 50% of the eligible loan amount subject to a limit of Rs.15 Lakhs to be use for medical treatment.
  • Maximum period of the loan is 15 years
  • Periodic Valuation – at least once every five years
  • RML are expected to carry a – ‘No Negative Equity’ or Non-Recourse’ guarantee
  • No charge will be levied if the loan is prepaid
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