Mortgage Loan


  • Any personal purpose such as meeting expenditure on education, marriage, healthcare, etc. other than speculative purpose 


  • Employees, Professionals & self-employed Individuals who are IT assesses 


  • Existing Common Application form for the Loan & Advances along with all the papers/documents should be obtained for individual and co-applicant, firm, LLP, Company 
  • In case of salaried person: Salary slips for the last -3- month & Copy of  Form No 16/ ITRs for the last -2- years along with salary certificate from the Employer. 
  • In case of Professional individual financial statement for the last -2-year for with I.T Returns, License, permission, GST/VAT registration copy. 
  • Title Search Report for the -30- years from our paneled advocate in prescribed format and all the documents as listed in TSR including last Original title deeds of the property/ies offered as security for creation of mortgage. 
  • Valuation report from paneled engineer to be obtained.  
  • Receipts of latest Society maintenance, Water Tax, Municipal Tax and any other such charges/taxes. 
  • Non encumbrance letter from Co-op Society in case of property located under Society.  
  • Permission from the Society to create Registered mortgage in favour of the bank and noting of our lien in its books 
  • Last 6 months statement of accounts of Main Bank in case main account is not with the Branch. 
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